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Refinish All Bathtubs in Your Hotel to Satisfy Customers

The managers or owners of a hotel always need to ensure the cleanliness so that their customers may remain satisfied. However, the bathroom of a hotel is one of the main places which must allow the users to bathe in a relaxed way. Especially, bathtubs are major parts that often need cleaning to avoid stains and other effects. To attract customers in a hotel, the bathtubs should not look dull and dented. That is why Bathtub Refinishing Miami is to be considered while there is any black mark or blemish on the unit.

Refinish your tub without any trouble

At the time of refinishing a tub, the professionals do not demolish anything. Thus, there may not be any hassle while restoring the tubs of a hotel. The guests will not face any disturbance during this process. After twenty four hours, your bathtubs may regain its new look. Moreover, as a hotel owner, you can also save some cost of replacement.

Refinishing a tub is better than installing a new one

•    You need only four hours in order to get your tub refinished. But, if it is replacement, then you require spending some weeks. 

•    Plumbing systems and sinks are not removed.

•    Cabinets or walls of hotels are also not damaged for Bathtub Refinishing Miami

The experts repair all flakes or faults and renovate the tub surface. Usually, non-acid refinishing procedure is accomplished in order to restore the porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass and other materials. The refinishing professionals clean your tub perfectly. A special substance is applied in order to create a link between a fresh finish and older surface. Bathtub Refinishing Miami experts from America Bathtub also use a spraying process for applying a resilient acrylic painting. There are different methods to refinish the tub. However, it’s better not to deal with your tub with DIY process. For more information visit here.

Bathtub Refinishing- To Bring Back the Natural Look

A modern, sophisticatedly designed bathroom always has a bathtub to give the utmost convenience to the users. A fiberglass tube of the best style may enhance the look of your bathroom. However, like all other accessories, your bathtub can also deteriorate as its original color becomes damaged. Extreme deterioration causes the tub to be porous while the grime are becomes locked in those pores. But, you may restore the actual look with Bathtub Refinishing in Miami.

A new bathtub made of fiberglass, usually has a colored coating that is applied on raw substance. So, the experts for Bathtub Refinishing in Miami apply a fresh coat on your tub. This new coating is used in liquid form, and the ultimate appearance of the tub seems to be better. The tub may also last for a longer time after this refinishing task is completed.

Why refinishing is preferable for your tub

Refinishing is the best process for your bathtub because of these reasons:

•    Improves the ability to resist scratches and abrasion

•    May not get chipped or cracked while you have dropped any bottle

•    Retain the original color

•    Remain unchanged on extreme level of temperature

Technique of refinishing your tub

To start the process, your bathtub is first prepared and cleaned by applying acid. The acid helps in etching the surface. The tiny holes on the tub surface are then opened so that the fresh finish may get penetrated to the existing surface. It leads to the creation of an excellent bond.  All the holes are then filled in by the experts. Then after a thorough cleaning, the refinishing professionals dry your tub. As the fresh new coating is in a liquid form, it casts the tub, filling in every pore. So, call the experts from America Bathtub for all your Bathtub Refinishing in Miami. For more information visit us.

Give your Ceramic Tiles a New Look with a Refinishing Process

The striking ceramic tiles in a bathroom or kitchen always have the ability to draw attention. But when there are stains and mold, the tiles can lose its beautiful appearance. The process of Tile Refinishing Miami is the only option to restore their shiny look. To do the refinishing process, the experts use special tools, bonding substance, primers and coats. The gloss of the tile surface will surely be retained and the newly created surface may also last for a long time.

Tile Refinishing Miami is applicable for treating all the tiles on bathtubs, countertops and walls, and it is more cost-effective than replacement. The outcomes after the professional refinishing procedure are dramatic.

Cleansers Applied for Refinishing Tiles-

Many of the refinishing experts apply a spray in order to offer you a very tough refinished tile surface with a beautiful long-lasting finish. If you are washing the tiles on your own, you can use a cleansing agent- trisodium phosphate. You can also look for a commercial cleaner in order to remove the grease or dirt. With the help of a wet cloth, wipe your tiles just after applying the chosen cleanser. However, it is highly recommended to contact America Bathtub for professional Tile Refinishing Miami.

Get a Polished Tile Surface after Refinishing-

After etching and cleaning the tiles, the certified refinishing professionals will apply a thin layer of grout on the present grout lines. It may help to seal all the broken grout to present a consistent appearance.  

When the tiles have dried, the cleaning specialists make use of some special primer for it. The ultimate product has a beautiful polished finish.

Thus, refinish your tiles with the engagement of experts for having a long-lasting solution. The refinished tiles will not only change the appearance of your room but also prevent you from all the dirt and grime. For more information check here.

Refurbish the Bathtub to Make It Cleaner and Give a Newer Look

Refinishing the tubs rather than replacing it seems to be a comparatively cheaper bathroom remodeling option. With this alternative, you may give a scratched and unclean bathtub a fresh look. While renovating the bathtubs, the cracks and chips are revamped to present a different look to the tub. You may also alter the bathtub color. America Bathtub from Bathtub Refinishing Miami are the experts you must call to accomplish your bathroom renovation project at the lowest cost.

Time saving alternative

Refinishing may facilitate you to save much time that is generally taken by the tub replacement. This averts unnecessary clutter, which crops up because of the replacement of the tub. America Bathtub from Bathtub Refinishing Miami completes the job within three to six hours to not waste any of your time. The main factor affecting the time of completion depends on the present condition of your tub.

Refinishing tubs increase the durability of tub

If the tub can be refinished, it can increase its life up to almost fifteen years. It is important to note that the new tubs may be utilized a bit more than any refurbished bathtubs. However, the difference in cost is great when you evaluate the two. When the tub has only some cracks or fragments, there is possibly no need to replace it.

Wide choice of color

You may select any bathtub color while refinishing it. When you do not prefer the color plan of the home, you may alter the color of your tub in accordance with your preference without replacing or breaking it. It may make the lavatory look more modernized within a limited budget.

Remove Carbon footprint

This kind of print can be easily removed simply by refurbishing the tub. Moreover, it is also an environment friendly option to remove those marks.

You will receive plenty of benefits from hiring the professionals from America Bathtub of Bathtub Refinishing Miami. For more information visit here.

Miami Bathtub Safety Steps Solve Mobility Issues

The injured or elderly are typically the consumers who need a safety need more often than not. It is known that when they want to use their bathtub, they feel that there is some risk of falling on the ground and possibly hurting themselves. And this fall may lead to some serious accidents. In many households, there are bathtubs that are of the traditional designs. Because the space on the surface of the tub remains quite high, older people may fall on the floor, if they do not make the right steps for accessing to the tub. For this reason, in the modern bathtubs, there are Bathtub Safety Step Miami. Make sure you hire a trusted pro like America Bathtub and Tile Refinishing.

Safety steps for the elderly in Miami, FL

Those who have problems like fractures, arthritis or any such similar issues, can make use of the Bathtub Safety Step Miami in the easiest way. Generally, the height of the step is about four inches and one can simply step over any bathtub in any condition.

No risk of slipping or falling

The bathtub safety step of the best brand has usually slip-resistant features. The top portion is made textured so that you won’t slip. There are also rubber feet in order to enhance the safety of the bathtub. It can also help to avoid falls. As the height is very low, there users can confidently get in or out of the tub. Each step is different for each individual and can be adjusted. The extra steps may be placed on top, inserting two inches for each of them.

In some of the steps, there are convenient rails, which can offer more support and balance to the users. The rails are made of the steel and are also easy to hold.

Thus a bathtub safety step Miami can be the most convenient and cost-effective option through which you can take care of your loved ones. Give America Bathtub and Tile Refinishing a call today for a free quote in Miami, FL. For more information visit our website:-